Content & document automation by MESA

ENGAGE - Content & document automation by MESA

ENGAGE is the platform that allows you to create "engagement" by maximizing retention and knowledge sharing

ENGAGE brings together in a single modular solution the ability to create "engagement" in the company through an Instagram-style communication approach, manage internal documentation in a smart way and easily create applications to maximize retention, training and engagement of internal resources.

The homepage of ENGAGE, the content document automation software

ENGAGE can be integrated with the Microsof Teams App, to ensure business communication and productivity even on the move!

ENGAGE, the Employee Engagement App!


Build a corporate culture

ENGAGE aligns all employees with the overall corporate vision by reducing the risk of turn over and increasing committment.

Productivity and results improvement

ENGAGE helps employees to identify ways to balance well-being and productivity; managers to improve team performance; and business leaders to achieve better results and make strategic decisions.

Ease of use

ENGAGE is designed to be intuitive and easy to use while respecting data privacy and security.


ENGAGE can be integrated with existing enterprise systems for human resources management, payroll or CRM.



The company's news are managed in a "social" style.
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Smart document

Access to policies, company procedures, subscription management and documents comparison.
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Survey and test

Customized surveys (e.g., personal satisfaction or technical feedback).
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Blockchain certification

Legally certified transactions and documents.
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Content hub

Links to external applications to simplify and facilitate access to content.
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Profiled and personalized reporting to improve user experience.
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App ready-to-use

Work life balance

Access to company benefits including affiliations and discounts and social sharing/gratification features.
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Consultation of information and personal documents. View of organization charts and internal contacts of the company.
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Through the expense report system, the company can collect expense reports in a structured and rapid manner.
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Support requests and issues reporting
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Vacation and leave

Requests collected centrally. Approvation by the direct managers.
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Open positions in the company showed in preview. Preferential channel to apply.
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About MESA

MESA is the innovative technology to manage the digital transformation of strategic business processes.
We use digital technology to change the way we think about business processes. Our technology is accessible and innovative.

Headquarter and contact details

MESA S.r.l.
Via Magliotto 2, 17100 Savona, Italy
VAT number: 01423190097
Phone & Fax: +39 019 861818
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