Content & document automation by MESA

ENGAGE - Content & document automation by MESA

ENGAGE is the platform that allows you to manage the automation of documents and content in support of the company’s employees

ENGAGE brings together in a single modular solution the ability to create "engagement" in the company, manage documentation in a smart way thanks to artificial intelligence, manage the hold of companies during emergencies, measure the actions taken and give evidence to investors.

ENGAGE can be integrated with the Microsof Teams App, to ensure business communication and productivity even on the move!

The homepage of ENGAGE, the content document automation software

ENGAGE, the Employee Engagement App!


Build a corporate culture

ENGAGE aligns all employees to the overall corporate vision, the "big picture", reducing the risk of turnover and increasing commitment.


ENGAGE decreases document and content management, setup and maintenance time by eliminating manual errors.

Simple and immediate Stakeholder Engagement

ENGAGE allows you to measure the actions taken and quickly communicate the results to stakeholders.

Crisis management optimization

ENGAGE allows you to react to a crisis quickly and prominently.



Company news, newsletters, articles from the world.
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Content hub

Links to external applications to simplify and facilitate access to content.
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Smart document

Access to policies, company procedures, subscription management and documents comparison.
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Customized surveys (e.g., personal satisfaction or technical feedback).
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Profiled and personalized reporting to improve user experience.
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Work life balance

Access to company benefits including affiliations and discounts and social sharing/gratification features.
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Employees (HR and personal documents)

Payslips, attendance, etc. Each document is protected and accesses are restricted to the interested person.
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Expense report

Through the expense report system, the company can collect expense reports in a structured and fast way.
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