ENGAGE features

Manage corporate communication and involve employees by making them part of a greater purpose!
ENGAGE - Application for internal company communication

Communication and advanced engagement

Communication (news)

On the homepage, users will find the latest company’s news and will easily access notifications about current and upcoming activities.
Moreover, they will be able to start a direct communication channel with the company. Depending on the profile of the user accessing the App, contents and functionalities can be profiled and diversified by geographical area, type, profile, etc.

Content Hub

The system centralizes and connects content from different company systems - and not - to access different content from a single entry point. A single system that is simple to configure and intuitive for users to navigate between different corporate sources.

Smart Document

ENGAGE enables you to access a document library that is always up-to-date and where you can find policies, corporate practices and useful materials (e.g. welcome kits, templates...).
In this section you can acknowledge and accept documents, carry out e-learning courses with related test and receive online support.
It's possible to activate a PDF document compare function.
ENGAGE - App for communications and advanced engagement also from mobile


The software allows you to deliver customized surveys. Surveys can be easily created and conveyed and can cover different topics (understanding and acceptance of policy, feedback, satisfaction...).
An innovative feature that allows you to certify corporate compliance and the company’s effort.


ENGAGE allows you to create engaging reports to give users visibility into survey results and engagement, navigate the application quickly and intuitively through collection points that enhance the user experience through interactivity and ease of use.
ENGAGE - App for communications and advanced engagement also from mobile

Human resources

Work life balance

The App allows easy access to company benefits, including affiliations and discounts, to the entire company population. The employee is always informed about the benefits and the company conventions in the dedicated section and can evaluate the different conventions to create an index of appreciation in order to share and increase the interest and appreciation of the same.


The employee module allows you to consult your personal information and documents: wage slips, identity card and all other documents you consider useful and receive notifications about the publication of new documents or content.
The module can be updated manually or automatically by the payroll system in terms of documents and metadata.


Thanks to the expense report module, the company can collect expense reports from the entire company population in a structured and quick way.
Community - App di comunicazione e documentazione dipendenti e risorse umane

ENGAGE, the Employee Engagement App!


Build a corporate culture

ENGAGE aligns all employees to the overall corporate vision, the "big picture", reducing the risk of turnover and increasing commitment.


ENGAGE reduces the time needed to manage, set up and maintain documents and content by eliminating human errors.

Simple and immediate Stakeholder Engagement

ENGAGE allows you to measure the actions taken and quickly communicate the results to stakeholders.

Crisis management optimization

ENGAGE allows you to react to a crisis quickly and prominently.

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