Retain your talents and keep them engaged

ENGAGE - Content & document automation by MESA

ENGAGE is the platform that enables you to create engagement and maximize retention

ENGAGE is an integrated and modular solution that responds to the needs dictated by a widespread and always-connected way of working.
The platform accompanies people towards an innovative working experience and the company towards renewed productivity and efficiency.

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Flexibility and scalability

ENGAGE adapts to and supports existing processes and it evolves together with the organization, by always being aligned to the company values and mission.

Easy-to-use and accessibility

ENGAGE is accessible to everyone in the company. It requires only a simple internet connection, it is mobile and can be used as a Microsoft Teams APP.

Rapid implementation

You can build your own corporate journey and customize it to your corporate identity with ENGAGE templates and frameworks.


Enable a real communication

It enables a true two-way exchange of information between the company and employees. It gives rise to an active and interactive listening process, leading to sharing and relationship building.

Create identity recognition

It creates a bond between people regardless of where they are physically. It aligns everyone around the company mission and maintains a sense of belonging.

Engage and develop

It identifies and offers challenging growth opportunities for employees. It supports them to manage their own motivational perspectives.
Employee journey

6 modules to manage employee journey

People onboarding

It effectively sets the onboarding of new employees both remotely and in-person and brings benefits in terms of profitability and leadership.
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Performance & 360 review

The assessment process becomes easier and painless, both to set up and to complete. It is easy-to-use and customizable, allowing the company to meet every need.
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Enterprise communication

It nurtures and spreads the company culture in order to convey solid values and perform better. It connects, informs and gives purpose.
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Goals & OKR

It is a methodological and technology support to help you align the organization toward a single mission. It enables to set goals and monitors progress in the daily routine.
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Engagement surveys

With ENGAGE you listen and re-listen to the people in your organization. You create, distribute and analyze surveys on different topics and areas in a few steps, with ready-to-use or fully customized templates.
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Skills raise & award

You can create and deploy fast, structured eLearning courses. Enhance your company's training plan both in-person and remotely ensuring high levels of engagement.
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About MESA

MESA is the innovative technology to drive the digital transformation of strategic business processes.
We use digital technology to change the way we think about business processes. Our technology is accessible and innovative.

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