Engagement Surveys

Create, spread and analyze rapid surveys about different topics and areas within the organization. A precious support for HR and business managers!
ENGAGE App: Engagement Surveys module
ENGAGE App mobile: Engagement Surveys module

Thanks to the Engagement Surveys module, it is possible to create, spread and analyze rapid surveys about different topics and areas, with ready-to-use templates or fully customizable ones:

  • Surveys on company climate
  • Employee life cycle (onboarding, exit..)
  • Welfare
  • Remote working
  • Assessment Diversity & Inclusion
  • Corporate knowledge
  • New Product & Service Idea
  • This and many other things.

Engagement Surveys helps HR management and business managers to know and respond in a timely manner with intuitive dashboards and dedicated recommendations.

Easily create and spread surveys to the corporate population.

Select the target audience in a fully customizable way.

Decide whether to use ready-to-use templates or create surveys from scratch.

Customize your survey and update it as your needs change.

Check results in dashboard updated in real time.

Learn more about the concepts of equity and inclusion to promote them as a value in your organization!

"Inclusion and diversity management are no longer optional: they're necessary tools on which to build individual and collective awareness to sustain one's competitive capacity."

Find out what people in your company think about inclusiveness with surveys!

 Identify and enhance best practices and areas requiring action.

Identify the strategic and operational actions you want to undertake and/or consolidate.

Start a debate on internal positioning and raise awareness of inclusion issues.

6 modules to manage employee journey

People onboarding

It effectively sets the onboarding of new employees both remotely and in-person and brings benefits in terms of profitability and leadership.
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Performance & 360 review

The assessment process becomes easier and painless, both to set up and to complete. It is easy-to-use and customizable, allowing the company to meet every need.
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Enterprise communication

It nurtures and spreads the company culture in order to convey solid values and perform better. It connects, informs and gives purpose.
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Goals & OKR

It is a methodological and technology support to help you align the organization toward a single mission. It enables to set goals and monitors progress in the daily routine.
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Engagement surveys

With ENGAGE you listen and re-listen to the people in your organization. You create, distribute and analyze surveys on different topics and areas in a few steps, with ready-to-use or fully customized templates.
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Skills raise & award

You can create and deploy fast, structured eLearning courses. Enhance your company's training plan both in-person and remotely ensuring high levels of engagement.
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