The roadmap of new applications and functionalities for IMPACT

Micro tagging, IMPACT on supply chain, KPI benchmarking and AI 4 Sustainability to stay compliant with the Non-Financial Reporting Directive, save on energy costs, reduce carbon footprint and optimise sustainability KPIs.
Roadmpa of new features and applications for IMPACT, the corporate sustainability software

Micro tagging

The new directive on Non-Financial Reporting introduced an XML TAG standard as for Consolidated Financial Statements. IMPACT will produce a DNF compliant with the directive by automatically integrating TAGGING thanks to the support of artificial intelligence or starting from a template document drawn up in graphical format.

Impact on supply chain

Thanks to artificial intelligence, IMPACT will optimise the use of resources within the supply chain by optimising travel and logistics, reducing the number of kilometres travelled by vehicles and achieving significant savings in direct and indirect energy costs.
The system will automatically calculate the consumption of CO2 and other pollutants based on supply chain value, helping to reduce the company's carbon footprint.

KPI Benchmarking

With KPI Benchmarking it will be possible to have an immediate benchmark against industry competitors and average values for one's own DNF KPIs, thus optimising one's own company indicators thanks to a synopsis that focuses attention on optimisation opportunities.

AI4 Sustainability

Apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to sustainability issues to suggest how best to focus investments and improve their impact on stakeholders while optimizing sustainability-related costs.

A modular approach to provide solutions that are perfectly adapted to the context and to the needs of each customer

Strategy and Sustainability Plan

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Stakeholder Engagement

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Analysis and Materiality Matrix

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ESG Rating

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Environmental Reporting

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Sustainability reporting

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