PROCOMP 231: the vertical for compliance

Effectively implement Organisational, Management and Control Model ex L.D. 231/01!
231 PROCOMP manages activities related to the application of the organization and management model
Dashboard and vertical application functionality 231 PROCOMP

PROCOMP 231 is the vertical designed to support the 231 compliance function and the Supervisory Board in the management of the activities aimed at the effective application of the Organisational, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01 in individual entities and groups.

PROCOMP 231 features

  • Regulatory library with updated texts on legislation, applicable case law, catalogue of predicate offences (with regulatory reference, date of commencement of application and sanctions).
  • Risk Assessment for sensitive activities and business processes calculation of the inherent risk and of the control measures to mitigate the risk for the evaluation of the residual risk.
  • Reports of the legislation in force, the catalog of predicate offences, the version of Model 231 and other internal controls in force, the risk assessment for the reference period.
  • Integrated management of the Supervisory Board activities including: planning and control; document archive management; information flows with the relative responsibilities/distribution lists, periodicity and deadlines, automatic alerts; budgeting and reporting of costs and resources.


Visibility and clarity

It increases visibility, with different degrees of detail, traceability and minimization of risks due to manual and redundant activities.


It simplifies adaptation and updating to the requirements of 231.

Constant update

It allows you to be always updated with regulatory changes.

Cost reduction

It increases control over the processes, allowing the related costs to be reduced.

Timing optimisation

It improves task management by optimizing time and governing deadlines.

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