Assessment & Monitoring

Monitor the implementation status of your compliance program at all times!
The PROCOMP Assessment & Monitoring App dashboard
With PROCOMP Assessment & Monitoring, you create customized surveys to monitor risks and the level of policy implementation

Assessment & Monitoring is the Web App that allows you to involve all business functions and guide them in understanding the risks based on business and company characteristics, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the compliance system.

Through the Web App, key users can also fill in surveys whose data are processed directly by the system which, on the basis of the answers provided, identifies the risks associated with the organisation's operations and classifies them according to an assessment scale governed by predefined criteria.

Risk and performance indicators are automatically available in the Dashboards providing a complete view of statistics and comparisons (KPIs organised by functions, corporate bodies, legal entities, countries, etc.).

Survey elements are parameterised to build indicators of the risks and performance of the compliance system.

Assessment & Monitoring features

  • Customized surveys to monitor risks and the level of implementation of policies, procedures and other controls.
  • Highlighting of the strengths and weaknesses of the compliance system and analysis of any risks.
  • Periodic certification of the knowledge and correct application of compliance rules by key users.
  • Concrete suggestions to address any shortcomings.


Visibility and clarity

It improves visibility with a wide range of statistics and comparisons (KPIs by functions, corporate bodies, legal entities, countries, etc.).

More control

It increases control to highlight the gaps on which to target audit efforts and investment in training.


It makes it easier to identify the risks and shortcomings of the organization.

Practicality and value

It is the most effective and efficient way to support the achievement of ISO 37001 certification.

Economic efficiency

It reduces compliance monitoring time and costs.

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