Conflicts of interests management

Report and manage conflict of interests with transparency and promptness!
PROCOMP: conflict of interest management software
GRC software: conflict of interest software solution by PROCOMP

Conflict of interest management is the PROCOMP vertical that allows the management of reports by employees to the responsible entities (e.g. compliance and HR management) of any personal situations (and those of their family members) that may generate interference with their specific work activities and potentially compromise the pursuit of company interests (statements can be notarised in Blockchain).

Here are some examples:

  • economic and financial interests of the employee and/or his/her family members in suppliers, subcontractors, customers and competitors' activities;
  • use by the employee of his or her position in the company or of information or business opportunities acquired in the performance of his or her duties, for his or her own benefit or that of third parties;
  • employees' relatives work for suppliers, sub-suppliers, competitors, customers and Public Authorities P.A. with whom the employee or business unit interacts for work;
  • working relationships - functional or subordinate - with family members that may influence company choices in terms of hiring and/or management of the working relationship;
  • presence of the employee's family members in the Company’s Governing Bodies.

Gestione conflitti di interessi: le funzionalità della nostra piattaforma

Submit the report (using pre-filled template)

  • Reporting a new conflict of interest;
  • updating/changing a previously submitted report;
  • reporting that you are not involved in any conflict of interest;
  • consultation of the progress of your report;
  • consultation of the history of previously submitted reports and download of a copy in PDF format.

Management of reports

  • Involvement of all the company functions that deal with the management of existing conflicts, thus producing a centralized and collaborative strategy for their resolution;
  • management of each report by the local unit in charge for the reporting employee, via direct connection with the company's information systems. It guarantees rapid automatic profiling of the information and thus reduce human errors to zero.



It simplifies the management and organization of documentation and communication with users.

Focus on potential risks

Comprehensive and monitored view of potential risks associated with conflicts of interest.


It is useful to demonstrate to the authorities the effort and good faith on the part of the company in implementing the compliance program and the compliance with the current regulation.

Cost reduction

It reduces the complexity and consequently the cost of managing GRC programs.

It can be used everywhere

It can be consulted from any device and used in any country.


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