Due Diligence & Adverse Media

Support third party due diligence and manage adverse media with Artificial Intelligence!
The dashboard of Due Diligence & Adverse Media, PROCOMP App
PROCOMP Due Diligence & Adverse Media application manages adverse media effectively thanks to Artificial Intelligence algorithms

Our app allows you to perform third party due diligence and management of negative news thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

For Adverse media we mean the set of news and information discriminating against a company, which could compromise its credibility and lead other companies to evaluate whether or not to enter into a partnership with it.

The system allows stakeholders to be involved in the analysis phase of the third party, integrating external providers and automatically managing searches on open sources.

The Workflow is configurable on the needs of the customer.

The workflow is articulated in:

  • Onboarding of the third party by the business function.
  • Due Diligence Diligence Phase 1.
  • Due Diligence Diligence Phase 2.

"Due Diligence & Adverse Media" manages adverse media effectively the potential of AI algorithms that:

  • process thousands of news with a high degree of accuracy;
  • re-elaborate data to identify news sentiment;
  • bypass the linguistic limits of text content search on the web;
  • define keywords about the organization or people involved;
  • take user feedback into account by refining searches;
  • interface with external lists and providers (e.g. World Compliance, World Check, Bureau Van Dijk and Cerved) and automate related searches on open sources for negative news management.


Risk minimization

It minimizes risks due to third party onboarding.


It meets regulatory requirements, ensures standards of compliance and helps make more informed decisions.

Effective reputation defence

It allows you to effectively defend the company's reputation thanks to the potential of AI.


It demonstrate to authorities the company’s effort and good faith in implementing the compliance program and in supporting ISO 37001 certification.

Easy third-party accessibility

It allows you to reach third parties anywhere with an internet connection without forcing the company to create company credentials.


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