Employees and Third Parties Engagement

Involve your employees and third parties on GRC issues!
The dashboard of Employees and Third Parties Engagement, PROCOMP App
PROCOMP Employees and Third Parties Engagement App can also be used on mobile

Employees and Third Parties Engagement is the application that allows you to involve employees and third parties on GRC issues with training, testing and online support.

It is available on smartphones, tablets and PCs and allows employees and third parties to:

  • have on-demand access at any time to individual areas of compliance and related content from the convenient "Library";
  • sign for acknowledgement and acceptance of the documents;
  • follow online training courses, take tests and receive online support;
  • create a user profile and receive notifications, view activities/tasks to perform and awards obtained;
  • share feedback through a dedicated chat.

The Dashboard and Reporting features allows you to store and automatically make available all the data concerning your engagement programs.
Thanks to the creation of KPI indicators, it is possible to visualize the level of approval, diffusion, acceptance, training for functions, legal entities, business units, processes, countries, etc...

The system’s tracking allows the corporate population to be informed in real time about the actual awareness of policies and procedures.


Visibility and clarity

It widens and updates the visibility on approval, dissemination, acceptance, training by functions, legal entity, business unit, processes, countries,...


It aligns employees with the company's overall vision, the "big picture".


It reduces present and future skills shortages thanks to a simple and always available training tool.


It allows activities to be carried out anywhere, at any time and by everyone, even stakeholders without a company account.


It demonstrate to authorities the company's effort and good faith in implementing the compliance program and in supporting ISO 37001.

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