Unified, simplified and efficient Enterprise Risk Management!
PROCOMP Enterprise Risk Management Dasboard
Reporting with the PROCOMP Enterprise Risk Management App

ERM is the PROCOMP vertical for managing business risks using the ERM standard, unifying risk management activities through:

  • planning and control of risk management activities;
  • enabling risk ownership;
  • management of prevention and mitigation actions;
  • development of surveys and audit activities;
  • dashboards and supporting statistics.

PROCOMP ERM features

  • Plan and control all risk management activities related to business objectives according to the ERM standard.
  • Ownership of risk by management, involvement of all the people at various levels in the process, and the diffusion of the risk culture.
  • Planning and monitoring of improvement, prevention and mitigation actions.
  • Surveys and audit activities and risk self-assessment and monitoring programs;
  • Dashboards and statistics to support the overall management of the system.


Centralisation and simplification

It centralizes and simplifies the risk management program.


It improves the efficiency of the whole process, optimizing the allocation of resources to mitigate risk.

Tracking and monitoring

It optimizes the risk program by tracking and monitoring problems encountered during risk assessments and control audits.

Improve cost management

It improves cost management and visibility of risks related to operational activities.

Real-time information

It provides real-time information on risk management with comprehensive and advanced reports and dashboards.


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