GDPR & Privacy

The structured and simple tool to quickly comply with the obligations and requirements of the European Privacy Regulation.
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PROCOMP's vertical GDPR & Privacy application can also be used on mobile

GDPR & Privacy by PROCOMP is the integrated solution to comply with the European Privacy Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR) and it manages and monitors all necessary activities in a systematic way.

Our vertical allows company, in a simple and complete way, to manage privacy and data security with the most appropriate procedures, analysis, checks and monitoring.
It guarantees the tracking of all activities and the production of dynamic reports.

GDPR & Privacy features

  • Readiness assessment, gap analysis, treatment log, notification management, DPIA, breach management, and even training and information to employees and third parties through targeted engagement programs.
  • Pre-configured templates and workflows that can be easily customized through our intuitive and flexible interface.
  • Concrete suggestions to address any shortcomings and highlight strengths and weaknesses of the system, analyzing the situation in light of the main risks, treatments and characteristics of the company's business.


Ease of use

Great ease of use by both users and managers thanks to the integration with Microsoft technologies.


It allows to visualize the different risks and treatments and the "priorities" for processes, users, companies, business units and countries with an objective overview never had before.

Constant control

It allows continuous control through powerful, simple and immediate dashboards.

Easy tracking

It facilitates the tracking of risks related to data processing.

Automating sharing

It automates internal sharing.


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