GRC & Legal Technology by MESA

PROCOMP - GRC & Legal Technology by MESA

PROCOMP is the "all in one" Integrated Risk Management & Legal Technologies platform designed and developed around people who need to implement or apply GRC systems

With PROCOMP it is possible to manage all GRC issues in an integrated way and to monitor their correct implementation, both within the company or a corporate group and with reference to the "third parties" involved in the processes, and to manage risk management processes in a dynamic and integrated way.

PROCOMP: the MESA platform to manage Governance, risk and compliance

Benefits of an integrated approach

Thanks to our integrated approach, the different modules can be interconnected to simplify the management of GRC processes. Each process can be monitored across all lines of defence.

Common User Experience

Modules scalability

Use from Mobile devices

Fast information sharing

Immediate cooperation

Reduced management costs


we have designed and developed the technology to raise the standards of legal & GRC field and simplify your work.

Comprehensive, highly flexible and easily customisable platform

It manages all areas of compliance and risk management with multiple ready-made modules

Native integration between modules and possibility of dialogue with external systems


Policy Management & Communications

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Employees and Third Parties Engagement

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Assessment & Monitoring

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Integrated Risk Management

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Internal Audit

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Due Diligence & Adverse Media

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ERM and ESG risks

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262 and SOX

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IT Risk

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Privacy & GDPR

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Inside information

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Whistleblowing & Case Management

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