Cyber & IT risk protection by MESA

DEFENCE - Cyber & IT risk protection by MESA

DEFENCE is the platform that allows you to fully manage cyber & IT security ensuring compliance with the highest standards in use

With DEFENCE it's possible to map IT assets and company processes, activate all the necessary security measures guaranteeing effective protection of IT security and compliance with the main standards including ISO 27001.
DEFENCE: the MESA's platform for cyber & IT security

Why choose DEFENCE

  • Identification, evaluation, monitoring and control of the organization's IT risks, in a complete and integrated way.
  • Management of IT incidents in an organized way by shortening resolution times and by limiting legal responsibilities (d.lgs 231).
  • Management of IT suppliers and related document flows by optimizing their timing and governing the formal storing process.
  • Risk Assessment on each identified asset and to identification of vulnerabilities that put IT security at risk.
  • Reports and dashboards useful for capturing situations and obtaining information.
  • Based on concrete, operational and updated management methodology.
  • Modular, flexible and customizable platform.


Automated input data

Input data of the DEFENCE modules can be generated automatically using specific software from the Microsoft suite.

Specialized consultancy

Our partners offer a specialized consultancy in order to support the customer in all phases of analysis and implementation of the system.

You can automatically generate the input data of the DEFENCE modules  with specific Microsoft suite software

Six integrated modules

Asset Inventory

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IT Risk Control Model

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Risk Assessment

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Mapping and deficiency management

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Suppliers management

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IT & Data Protection

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