Planning & Consolidation Technology by MESA

ANALITICA - Planning & consolidation technology by MESA

ANALITICA provides a new way of working for the finance team: collaborative, proactive and comfortable

It allows you to edit data integrated from information systems through simple but secure and structured Excel interfaces, keeping track of the user making the adjustment and the reason for the adjustment, enabling effective and efficient transparent reporting and eliminating the use of email through workflows integrated with the organisational structure.
ANALYTICS: collaborative intelligence solution

Reduce costs

Improve value creation

Increase profits

Powering what you know: the right technology for every business

ANALITICA allows every business user to relate to the most familiar interface, thanks to the integration with Microsoft technologies.

A new way of working

ANALITICA - Collaborative application


Connecting data, information, content and people
ANALITICA - Solution for collaborative and proactive management


Data Advanced Analytics to make proactive decisions
ANALITICA - Upgrade the technologies you know comfortably


Use the technology that you know and leverage it!


Budget & Forecast

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Fast Closing

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Consolidated Financial Statement

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Financial Planning

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Order Management

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Smart Disclosure

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Human Resources

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