Manage reports of violations and unlawful conduct ensuring full compliance with current regulations.

Dashboard of Whistleblowing-PROCOMP multifunctional

The best way to handle whistleblowing and improve corporate compliance

eWhistle serves the dual function of a protected and (if desired) anonymous communication channel with the whistleblower, as well as a case management platform that enables the implementation of a process for managing reports of misconduct in all its phases.

Quick to install and easy to use, eWhistle provides a secure, confidential, and compliant channel for reporting misconduct in accordance with EU Directive 2019/1937, GDPR, and current guidelines.

Whistleblowing PROCOMP
Whistleblowing PROCOMP

User-friendly platform

eWhistle is a user-friendly platform that encourages the reporting of possible misconduct by creating a simple, easily accessible, and confidential communication channel.

  • Accessible from mobile, PC, or tablet
  • User-friendly and ease of use interfaces ensure the best user experience
  • Allows the management of reports received from other channels, e.g. anonymous paper submissions and/or audio messages on voicemail

Secure and traceable channel

  • eWhistle is a unique, standalone channel independent of the company's IT systems.

  • Ensures the confidentiality of all information related to the reports

  • The system tracks all operations performed on reports and user accounts, ensuring that relevant parties are always aligned on decisions and can monitor their effective implementation.

Whistleblowing features APP by PROCOMP
Whistleblowing PROCOMP

Easy and accurate report management

eWhistle is not just a reporting collection system but also an innovative reporting management platform that ensures prompt handling, management, monitoring, and archiving.

Moreover, the system automatically processes reporting for social bodies and designated individuals responsible for handling the report, providing real-time and comprehensive data on all reports, even in aggregated form.


Based on proprietary software rather than open-source solutions, it ensures integrity and security

Ensures complete and punctual management of reports, with real-time visibility into all related activities

Protects the confidentiality of the whistleblower's identity and the content of the report

Complies with all the requirements of the various applicable regulations

Manages the reporting transparently through a defined procedural process with definite terms

Multilingual system activatable across various Business Units

A modular approach to provide solutions that are perfectly adapted to the context and to the needs of each customer

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