ESG Reporting

Simplify and optimize the Sustainability Report and the Non-Financial Disclosure

IMPACT allows to assess the measurement of environmental, social, and governance impacts, the three key points for measuring sustainability, including the connection with SDGs

Our intelligent reporting technology enables insights data on all indicators, whether GRI, GHG, CDP, SASB, DNK, customized by company or advanced reporting such as Conflict Minerals (RMI).

Il report di sostenibilità aziendale con un software: IMPACT!
Un software semplice per redigere il Bilancio di Sostenibilità e la Dichiarazione Non Finanziaria

Drafting a Sustainability Report or Non-Financial Statement has never been easier thanks to IMPACT's collaborative workflows, Smart Disclosure and Web App:

  • the process is centrally governed and it is possible to assign responsibilities and deadlines for each disclosure, and check progress.
  • audits by auditors are smooth and transparent.
  • the collection of information from different organizational units becomes simple and free of recycling.

All data is delivered to correct users in a very simple web solution with historical data, complex controls and calculated rules which can easily enable users to perform correct data entry. All data is validated through a personalized and dynamic authorization workflow.


Empower IMPACT with MESA.COPILOT, the Generative AI engine that saves you even more time and resources in your sustainability processes!

With MESA.COPILOT, collecting of quality indicators becomes a simple and guided process, ensuring accurate and in-depth data. 
  • MESA.COPILOT helps users to understand and compile the indicators correctly: through a conversational chatbot, it asks simple questions to contextualize the indicator in business reality and eventually provides a content proposal.
  • The user can ask to rework the text with additional arguments or a translation.
  • Once validated, the text is automatically returned to the indicator tab.

    Need to retrieve information on the fly for a customer, supplier or internal stakeholder?
    Ask MESA.COPILOT and in seconds you will get the answer to your question.
    The chatbot processes an accurate answer based on all the information in the system.


    Using Smart Document technology, our tool allows data to be dynamically integrated and collected directly into the final document in a dynamic way.

    MESA.COPILOT extends this functionality by providing conversational support for writing content on material topics, creating the document outline, and automatically writing the Sustainability Report.

    • Through conversational chat, the user asks MESA.COPILOT to draft paragraphs on specific topics.
    • The user collaborates with MESA.COPILOT to build the final document together: he can ask to add more paragraphs or rework content or contextualize the text with other indicators as well.
    • Finally, he can ask for suggestions on how to improve certain numerical indicators.

    A modular approach to provide solutions that are perfectly adapted to the context and to the needs of each customer

    Ethics & Sustainability
    Engagement APP

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    ESG Reporting

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    ESG Rating


    New applications and features in roadmap

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