Strategy and Sustainability Plan

Digitize the overall management of sustainability of your company: objectives, targets and timing of reporting and updating of KPIs!

Strategic sustainability plan with IMPACT software

The Sustainability Plan represents the strategic vision of a company by breaking down the commitments and objectives into qualitative and quantitative indicators that can be measured over time.

It is a strategic tool that helps your company to define its commitment to integrating sustainability into business management, enhancing its ability to create long-term value not only for the business but also for the territory, the society and the environment.

The Sustainability Plan is a response to the global challenges (SDGs) thanks to the pillars (Business Plan), material topics, commitments and sustainability objectives.

The digitalization of the Sustainability Plan helps to ensure the goals of the Sustainability Plan

Guarantees and reinforces some of its objectives, such:

  • identify impacts and opportunities related to the SDGs for your company and respond to the major global challenges;
  • improve corporate reputation by enhancing its visibility;
  • create synergy between functions and a widespread culture of sustainability across the organization;
  • optimize corporate resources and attribute ownership of shares to corporate functions, also through MBOs;
  • map the Governance of sustainability and its work flows.

A modular approach to provide solutions that are perfectly adapted to the context and to the needs of each customer

Stakeholder Engagement & Double Materiality

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Sustainability Strategies
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ESG Supply

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ESG data Collection
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About MESA

MESA is an innovative technology to drive the digital transformation of strategic business processes.
We use digital technology to change the way we think about business processes. Our technology is accessible and innovative.

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