Boost your journey towards sustainability

IMPACT - ESG & Sustainability technology by MESA

IMPACT is the platform that optimizes corporate sustainability management

IMPACT manages ESG processes, environmental and social performance, ensures compliance with international standards, minimizes risks and improves corporate value creation.

IMPACT integrates the logic of the taxonomy, oriented towards investors, with that of the GRI, oriented towards stakeholders. Furthermore, it allows demonstrating the financial value of information on sustainability and improves the accessibility and transparency of reports as required by the new European legislation CSRD.

IMPACT: GRI certified software & tools
IMPACT: MESA application awarded at the young entrepreneurs summit
IMPACT: platform for managing corporate sustainability based on GRI and CDP standards

IMPACT has been included in the Verdantix report Smart Innovators: ESG Reporting and Data Management Software among the leading software for ESG Reporting, Disclosure, Data management and Analysis

360° vision of the processes related to the theme of sustainability

CUSTOMER credibility and robustness of the core PLATFORM (no add-ins required)

GRI certified in English and Italian

A single platform supporting the entire CSR process that guides the user step-by-step

Natively interconnected modules

A modular approach to provide solutions that are perfectly adapted to the context and to the needs of each customer

Ethics & Sustainability
Engagement APP

The easy and intuitive APP to activates virtuous and sustainable culture in the company, strengthening the adoption of sustainable and ethical practices and reaching out to all Stakeholders.
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HSE Collection
and Monitoring

Optimize environmental and non-environmental resources, reduce impact thanks to intelligent data analysis and automated controls. Facilitates data entry in the NFD.

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Sustainability strategy and plan
in relation to the SDGs

IMPACT allows you to develop corporate strategy related to sustainability issues by creating collaboration among the company's top Managers in relations with Enterprise Risks.
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Automatically create documents reducing time, costs and impacts on the organization and improving business efficiency.

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Stakeholder Engagement
& Materiality Matrix

Involve your Stakeholders and understand what is important to them. Focus your company on the main issues of Sustainability.

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ESG Scoring

Evaluate the Sustainability of an ESG actor through a personalized assessment capable of providing an objective Scoring. From the supply chain - directly involving suppliers or customers - to sustainable investments.

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Taskforce on Climate-related
Financial Disclosures

Map ESG risks and opportunities with ESG topics to improve their Governance, generate Risk Assessments and Strategic Plans by monitoring Targets and Metrics.

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On Roadmap

Discover new applications and features on roadmap such as Micro tagging, Impact on supply chain, KPI benchmarking and AI 4 Sustainability.
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Towards Net Zero

IMPACT is natively integrated with Microsoft Sustainability Manager, Microsoft's service that helps any organization calculate, understand and monitor its carbon emissions, set sustainability goals and take measurable actions.

New applications and features in roadmap

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About MESA

MESA is an innovative technology to drive the digital transformation of strategic business processes.
We use digital technology to change the way we think about business processes. Our technology is accessible and innovative.

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